RTSA promises improved service delivery through ICTs

ROAD Transport and Safety Agency chief executive officer Zindaba Soko says the agency is transforming towards embracing information and communication technologies as one way of transforming Zambia.


Speaking at the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) open day at Cosmopolitan Mall in Lusaka on Saturday, Soko re-affirmed that the agency was working to concretise government’s agenda on technology.


Government is propagating matters of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) through the e-government division as a way of embracing a transformational culture for a smart Zambia,

Soko said.


He added that the open day, under the theme “Enhancing service provision through ICTs”, would prompt RTSA’s objective of improving service delivery and uplifting Zambia’s road safety profile by interacting more with members of the public.


The mutual obligation of the RTSA is to improve road safety and enhance service delivery. Therefore, as a way of ensuring that the RTSA meets the growing demand for service, the agency plans to establish more stations across the country,

said Soko who further pledged that RTSA would re-focus its “energies and resources” towards eliminating all unsuitable perilous behaviour on public roads.


Various services offered by RTSA were showcased and offered during the event.

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