Release HH first before asking for prayers, East Rainbow tells Lungu

EASTERN Province Rainbow Party youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau says President Edgar Lungu should first release UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and pray hard before others can pray for him. 


Nyau has also advised President Lungu not to distance himself from the case of Hichilema.



He said President Lungu should learn to forgive others and know God because He hates brutality and heartlessness.



“And truly if he wants to be forgiven, praised, he should first release the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema…,” Nyau said.



He said if President Lungu was not ready to change, no matter how people pray for him, the prayers would be in vain.



The President should pray hard before others pray for him and he should have an admitting heart to errors and not what he is. He should first believe in himself and he should know that God hates corruption. He should know that God hates brutality and heartlessness. Most important, let the President not underrate the views of the Church mother bodies because how can he ask for prayers when he does not respect the clergy or churches?


Nyau commented on the president’s request on Wednesday for people to pray for him to change.




He said it was not right for President Lungu to claim that he had no hand in the incarceration of Hichilema when  he was the genesis of the matter.



President Edgar Lungu should not run away from Hakainde’s case to say he has no hand over that when it’s him who made HH to be arrested. It’s him who took it to court and it’s him again to have power to release Hakainde and not, as he claims, it’s the courts,

Nyau said.



And commenting on the President’s statement that the government would introduce contracts for Cabinet ministers, Nyau said the lazy ministers were already known and even President Lungu knew that most of them were incompetent.



Many of these ministers are not active and are not hard working such that the President knows that most Cabinet ministers are lazy. For example, the Minister of Labour, we don’t see much progress in that area. This Minister of Gender, Victoria Kalima, we see women being victimised but their rights are not fully protected, where is she and her ministry? These are some of the lazy ministers that don’t perform to our expectation as citizens of Zambia…

said Nyau.



During the launch of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) on Wednesday, President Lungu called on people to pray for him in areas he is not doing well so that he changes, but was quick to say he believes he is on the right track.

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